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Your Success is Our Success!


We follow the industrial standard, also we promote the standard to be applied into (China) clincial trials. IRTON® products were born standard based on IRTON standard, the high IRT related standard extracted from dozens of regulotary principles and requirements.


We focus on data security, and we focus more on protecting your privacy. IRTON® products are built based on strong cloud computing technology (Aliyun), passed both internal and external strict system test. Data transfer between front and back ends adopts most secure encryption solution.


We provide simple operation in system, as well we spend more time thinking how to improve your working effeciency. IRTON® products were designed to simplify the way they are implemented and you use them, from build to validation, from UAT to production.


We develop innovative products, we also provide specialized solution. IRTON® enables competetive subject enrollment cross sites, which will shorten the study period. IRTON® provides possibility to track each kit. By doing this, drug wastage can be reduced based on real-time need. Many human errors can be prevented as well. Study cost will be obviously saved with smart IRTON® products and our solution.


Our Partners and Users

Look forward to making a better future together with you.

Our Vision

To be one of the most respected health company.

Our Mission

We make your trials smart through our high quality innovative products and services.

Our Philosophy

Customer, We provide innovative products and services with high quality.Striving, The only way we keep moving forward is our endless striving.Integrity & Concentration, We respect character of integrity and souls of concentration.Effective and Innovative, Each innovative idea should be respected and encouraged, which make us more effective.